If you are planning a wedding, congratulations!  Weddings are a truly joyous time for those who are planning to be married and for their respective families.  We rejoice with you in your decision!

In the Episcopal Church, marriage is considered a sacramental rite – a special, unique opportunity to experience God’s grace and blessing – and it is recognized as a life-long commitment between two consenting adults, intended for their mutual joy and support.  Couples that are not members of Christ Church or another Episcopal Church are welcome to celebrate their wedding in our historic church.

Weddings celebrated at Christ Church must be celebrated in accordance with the requirements of the Episcopal Church.  At least one of the two people intending to marry must be a baptized Christian (we recognize baptisms performed in most Christian churches and denominations, so you do not need to be a baptized Episcopalian).  Pre-marital counseling is also required prior to any wedding celebration.  This counseling may be completed either by our priest or by a licensed professional therapist. Wedding ceremonies at Christ Church are typically performed by our priest.  On occasion, permission will be granted to clergy of other churches or Christian traditions to officiate.

If you are interested in celebrating your wedding at Christ Church, please contact the church office at or (301) 392-1051.  We look forward to talking with you about your special day!