At Christ Church, we strive to be…

*A Worshiping Community – In his life and teachings, Jesus revealed to us the depth of God’s love for people and for all creation.  We respond to God’s love by gathering together in worship to give thanks to God; to pray; to learn more about God’s will for our lives; and to celebrate the Sacraments (Baptism and Holy Communion).

*A Learning Community – Jesus taught us to live our lives filled with love for God and for each other.  As we learn more about God and our faith, the Holy Spirit transforms our hearts and increases our love for God and for others.

*A Supportive Community – Life is full of joys and celebrations but also challenges and sorrows.  As a faith community, we celebrate the joyous events in each others’ lives, and we also support and care for each in the challenging and sorrowful times.

*A Serving Community – Jesus taught us to put our love into action by caring for and helping others just as he did.  We also serve others by sharing God’s love with others, so they will also know just how important all people are to God.

*A Transformed Community – As followers of Jesus, we are called to pattern our lives after his life.  By nurturing our relationship with God, our lives are continually transformed by the Holy Spirit to reflect the life of Jesus.


P.O. Box 760
112 Charles Street (Next to the Charles County Circuit Court)
La Plata, MD 20646
(301) 392-1051